South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2018 year

№1(38) №2(39)

Content for 2018 year №1(38)

Anton Zakharov Igor Mozheiko (Kir Bulychev) and the Moscow School of Oriental Studies

Mosyakov Dmitry Russia's Policy on the conflict in the South China Sea

Russia and China in the "trap" of justice: how the Beijing's defeat in international arbitration will affect the interests of Moscow? (Part 1.)

On the ASEAN approach to the problem of territorial disputes and conflicts

Digital Economy Growth and New Aspects of Regional Integration: Analysis of Key Outcomes of the 32nd ASEAN Summit

Evgeniy Kanaev , Bae Bumki ASEAN-Australia Cooperation and Asia-Pacific Maritime Security

Natalia Rogozhina New tendencies in the development of jihadist movement in South East Asia

Alexey Drugov The Indonesian Army and Democratic Reforms

Nadezhda Bektimirova The fate of the democratic project in Cambodia: Stages, results and future prospects

Aida Simonia Myanmar: extraordinary presidential election

The Rohingya people crisis: national, regional and global aspects

Elena Fomicheva Political aspects of the accession to the throne in Thailand of the new king

Ekaterina Astaf'eva The process of settlement of the territorial dispute between Malaysia and Singapore on sovereignty over the island of Pedra-Branca

Maria Zelenkova Prospects for Vietnam return to the issue of nuclear power plant construction

Natalia Skorobogatykh Media magnate R. Murdoch: strokes to the portrait. Part 1. The Empire building

N. Prakapovich The "Philippine Response" to US Educational Policy (1900-1946)

Elena Frolova On the language situation and language policy in the South of the Philippines

Evgeniya Kukushkina К итогам осенне-зимнего цикла заседаний научного семинара общества «Нусантара», 2017








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