South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2009 year

№12 №13

Content for 2009 year №13

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Mosyakov Dmitry Big "game" in Southeast Asia

Stanislav Bylinyak Global financial and economic crisis and its impact on Southeast and East Asia

Ivan Klyuev Cooperation of Iran and SEAS countries: main problems and prospects

Nina Lebedeva India and ASEAN (problems and prospects of interaction at the present stage)

Nikolay Maletin Why we are not in you

Maria Osipova Financial integration in Asia: ASEAN plus ...?

Sofia Pale The role of Australia in the South Pacific region in 2000s

Natalia Rogozhina Environmental cooperation of ASEAN countries

Aida Simonia UN and Myanmar / Birma

Roman Sukharev The Middle East and the Southeast Asia: cooperation in the oil sector

Vyacheslav Urliapov , Mai Linh Zoan Vietnam - ASEAN countries

Yuri Tsvetov Report of ESCAP of 2009 and the UN system of annual reviews

Elena Zhuravleva , Eric Mirakyan , Roman Senin ASEAN - EU relations in the post-confrontation period (1992-2008)

Alexey Drugov Religion and power in modern Indonesia

Aleksandr Popov Traditional Bali in the modern world

Grigory Suchkov Islamic party at the Indonesian parliamentary elections 2009

Vyacheslav Urliapov Malaysian Mahabharata

Lyudmila Pakhomova Industrial and information development of Malaysia

Ekaterina Novikova Traditional cults of present-day Chinese Diaspora in Malaysia.

Vladimir Vasilyev On the new Constitution of Myanmar / Birma and planned general elections (2010)

Yulia Levtonova El Shaddai - a new religious movement on the Philippines

Galina Murasheva Vietnam in the conditions of the global financial and economic crisis (some aspects of internal and external policy in 2008-2009)

Elena Fomicheva Thailand in 2008-2009. Political crisis overcomed

Anton Zakharov Historiography of the problem of "Indianization" of Southeast Asia

Anatoly Sokolov From history of Russian language studies in Vietnam

Anatoly Sokolov Charlie Chaplin in Vietnam










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