South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Manuscript Requirements

1. Recommended volume:

  • for academic papers – no more than 1,0 signature (up to 40 000 typographical units including spaces);
  • for academic reports, conferences’ briefs, reviews – no more than 0,5 signature (up to 20 000 typographical units including spaces).

2. Materials style and layout:

  • Microsoft Office Word processing tool (*.doc or *.docx);
  • Times New Roman font
  • basic text at 16 pt. with single line spacing
  • references (footnotes, booklist and annotation) at 14 pt.
  • page margins go as following:
    • top/bottom – 25 mm.,
    • left/right – 27,5 mm.,
    • first line indent – 12,5 mm.,
    • page numbers starting from the first page, centre-justified, at the foot of the page, 14 pt.,
    • automatic hyphenation

It is recommended to use the following symbols inside the text: quotation marks «…» for direct citations, quotation marks “…” to mark text inside citations («… “…”…»), dash (–).

3. Submitted material should contain:

  • author’s affiliation;
  • abstracts of the paper in Russian and English languages, revealing the main contents (about 2 passages in 8-10 lines);
  • key words in Russian and English languages (no more than 10 words in each language)
  • reference list.

4. Text arrangement:
Submitting your material send us 2 separate files.
The first Word file should be titled (e.g.: Ivanov I.I.paper.doc) and contain the following information:

  • the author’s full name, employer (right side justified);
  • the title of the paper (under the last name, centre-justified);
  • the text of your paper or other material;
  • footnotes, booklist (reference) – after the text;
  • annotation (at the foot of each page).

The second Word file should be titled (e.g. Ivanov and should contain the following information:

  • an abstract (first passage in Russian, next passage in English; the contents in Russian and English can differ);
  • key words in Russian and English languages (no more than 10 words in each language);
  • author’s affiliation (full name, academic degree, position and employer, e-mail address).

5. Text body arrangement:

  • author’s names are typed in semi-fold font, the title of the paper – in semi-bold capital letters;
  • paragraphs’ headings are typed in semi-bold font, non-foliated;
  • sub-paragraphs’ headings are typed in semi-bold italics;
  • any emphasis in the text are made only in non-bold italics (words underlining as well as words in semi-bold capital letters, etc. are not allowed);
  • paragraph enumeration set should be written in the usual way (1,2, 3 and so on; a), b), c) and so on, every paragraph starting with a new indent;
  • paragraph Bullet List is allowed only in dashes;
  • endnotes are given at 14 pt. after the paper text;
  • booklist should be given in alphabetic order at 14 pt. after the paper text (cf. the booklist arrangement pattern);
  • all the bibliography in foreign languages is given at the end of the booklist in alphabetic order according to the language rules;
  • other reference list (such as web-sites) is given directly after the booklist at 14 pt. in consecutive numbering;
  • author’s affiliation should be at 14 pt.

6. References and footnotes arrangement:
Footnotes numbers and annotations are given after a particular paragraph (at the end of the sentence, before a full stop). References and footnotes should be arranged according to ГОСТ Р 7.0.5–2008

Manuscript Requirements (PDF)








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