South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2009 year

№12 №13

Content for 2009 year №12

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Mosyakov Dmitry , Vasily Orlov ASEAN and struggle for predominant influence in South-East Asia

Ekaterina Astaf'eva «Hard» effect of «soft power»

Evgenia Zakaznikova Religion and foreign policy of South-East Asia

Ivan Klyuev Iran - SEA: new direction of Iranian economic diplomacy

Ekaterina Koldunova South-East Asia: new trends of regional development

Mikhail Kuritsyn Trade relationships of China with the countries of SEA - who wins?

Roman Sukharev Middle East - South-East Asia: scope and spheres of economic cooperation

Alexey Tsererin To the question of the creation of a zone free of nuclear weapons and the position of the PRC and the USA on this question

Alexey Drugov Indonesia in 2008 - year before elections

Maria Kulikova Some features of the election campaign im Indonesia and the results of the parliamentary elections

Grigory Suchkov Elections of 2009 and the Army: some aspects of participation of politicians with the military past in the parliamentary and presidential campaigns in Indonesia

Vyacheslav Urliapov Socio-economic situation in Malaysia

Marina Orlova Chinese diaspores in Indonesia and Malaysia

Sergey Berezinsky Trends and prospects of oil and gas complex of Brunei

Emma Gurevich Main aspects of Singapore's foreign policy in 2007-2008

Mikhail Geisherik The role of Singapore in the establishment of Russian special economic zones (SEZ)

Maxim Matyukhin Singapore investments abroad: dynamics and structure

Anna Smirnova Direct foreign investments in Vietnam - first results of the twenty year period

Thanh Thuy Pham Leasing market in Vietnam

Vasily Orlov Character of the relations of ASEAN countries and states of Indochine in the 60-70th years

Anatoly Sokolov Activities of the "Union of Russian State people" in Indochina (1925-1928)








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