South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2012 year

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Content for 2012 year №19

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Vladimir Terekhov Military and political situation in South-East Asia in context of regional strategic game

Sofia Pale The Dark Side of Chinese Influence in the South Pacific

Stanislav Bylinyak Debt crisis in the center and the pheriphery. The current crisis of sovereign external debt in developed economies

Anna Muranova Tax stimulation of private business in the least developed region of South-East Asia (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos)

Galina Shabalina Regional and international cooperation for development of the Greater Mekong region in 2009 - 2011

Aleksandr Popov Indonesian province of Nusa Tengarra

Grigory Suchkov Islamic extremism in Indonesia at the turn of the 21st century: Jemaah Islamiyah's structure, goals and ideological background

M. Sosedova The conflict in Aceh in 1990-2000: specificity, internationalization and scenarios of possible developments

Yulia Levtonova The Philippines: the problem of radical opposition

Grigory Lokshin The Philippines at the forefront of controversy

Tat Miloslavskaya Brunei in territorial disputes

Vyacheslav Urliapov Timor-Leste in 2012

Anastasia Kolmakova The participation of New Zealand in settlement of the East Timor crisis

Emma Gurevich Singapore: Some aspects of immigration policy

Nadezhda Bektimirova The International Khmer Rouge Tribunal (on the history of the issue)

Anatoly Sokolov The origins of drama theatre in Vietnam in the 1920s.

Mosyakov Dmitry Limits of the opportunities of the West and the East: Agenda of the 21st Century. Book review: "Civilizations in the 21st century: Problems and Prospects of the Development" A.V. Akimov, A.I. Yakovlev








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