South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2013 year

№20 №21

Content for 2013 year №21

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In Memory of Anatoliy Sergeevich Voronin

Mosyakov Dmitry About the International Conference "Security and Cooperation in the South China Sea Region"

Mosyakov Dmitry The conflict in the South-China Sea and possible ways to resolve it

Vladimir Kolotov East-Asian Arc of Instability and geopolitical dimension of territorial dispute in South China Sea

Piotr Tsvetov , Anton Tsvetov The possibility of war for the islands in South-China Sea: “pro” and “contra”

Vladimir Terekhov The situation in the South-China Sea in the context of a new global game

Ekaterina Koldunova The possibilities and contingencies of the regional institutions of cooperation in resolving regional security problems in South-East Asia

Vladimir Korsun The evolution of China’s leadership approach to the problem of today’s CPR borders

Grigory Lokshin Vietnam-China Relations: the Tyranny of Geography and Common Sense

N. Vlasov US return to South-East Asia

Anatoly Voronin Vietnam: Foreign policy as an instrument of modernization

Vyacheslav Urliapov The results of Malaysia’s general elections

Yulia Levtonova The Philippines: elections 2013.

Aida Simonia Myanmar: destabilizing factors in the process of democratization implementation

Elena Fomicheva Reflection over newspaper news

Sofia Pale Relations of France with the key players in the South-Pacific in the first decades of XXI century

Maria Osipova ASEAN+3 financial strategy

Anna Muranova Structural Changes in the International Capital Flow and Foreign Direct Investment Flows in South-East Asia, 2000-2012

Anna Burova Japanese corporations’ participation in international oil and gas projects in Indonesia

Evgenia Zakaznikova About the new role of Australia and the problem of integration in the Asia –Pacific

Olga Mosolova The main principles of Australia’ external economic policy

Aleksandr Popov Tendencies of the Development of the Indonesian Mining Industry

Ljudmila Srefanchuk Political System of New Zealand: Tradition and Modernity








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