South East Asia: Actual Problems of Development

[Yugo-Vostochnaya Azia: aktualnye problemy razvitiya] ISSN 2072-8271

Issue of magazine for 2016 year

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Mosyakov Dmitry The Hague Arbitration Court Decision and the Reaction of Russia and the World Community

Evgeniy Kanaev International Arbitration on the South China Sea and Maritime Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia

Alexander Rogozhin ASEAN Economic Community Towards Regional Power Grids

Larissa Ruban The Results of the International Expert Polling on the Role and Position of Russia in APR and the Global Process

Alexey Drugov Indonesia: Fate of the National Ideology

Olga Petrova Indonesia’s Reflections on the Decision of the Hague Court in Favor of the Philippines

Elena Fomicheva On difficulties of the South China Sea consensus (example of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand)

Daria Panarina The Philippines in the South China Sea: the Country's Position after the Decision of the Hague Arbitration

Ekaterina Astaf'eva Singapore – US relations in the context of regional security in the South China Sea

Nadezhda Bektimirova The modern image of Cambodian rural areas (Based on data from the Census of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Cambodia)

Maria Zelenkova The role of NGO in political life in Vietnam

N. Prakapovich The education system in the Philippines: acquaintance with the Spanish heritage

U. Omarova The Plans to Eliminate Chams and Their Realization in the Period of Khmer Rouge rule

Evgeniya Kukushkina On the problem of historical continuity in the comic Malay theatrical and literary tradition: images of servants-clowns

Marina Frolova Reality and Irreality in the novel «Beauty is a Wound» (2002) by Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan

Mosyakov Dmitry , Ekaterina Astaf'eva Situation in the South China Sea after the verdict of the International Arbitration Court in The Hague

Ekaterina Astaf'eva Review to: D.V. Mosyakov. "New and recent history: modernization and globalization of Eastern societies"








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